Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shopping Lists and Menu Planning Oh My!

How many of you have a hard time not only trying to come up with a yummy dinner menu/shopping list for the week as well as actually following through on food prep? I am one of those people which is why I tried to find a Menu template that allows me to create my menu and shopping list on the same page. Luckily I did not have to search online for very long before I found exactly what I was looking for. Another is cute and colorful! YAY!! Here it is: Shopping List and Menu Planner by A Feathered Nest blog.  This made it a lot easier for me to create a Menu for this week and put my shopping list together.

The one hard thing for me when coming up with a menu is including other meats besides just chicken.  I am a big chicken eater although I cannot say the same for others in my family who like to have a variety of meat throughout the week.  Now I am going to have to do some food prep tomorrow and make some yummy protein bars, as well as Turkey Meatballs for snacks (which are AMAZING with Bell Peppers). 

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