Friday, February 21, 2014

Kindergarten, College, and Crazy Living

I am sure there are many that have gone to college and while yes it is stressful have gotten through and moved onto amazing things!  I am currently the one that is in college full time, an AdvoCare distributor, a single mother to my two lovely girls, and feel like I am being pulled in so many different directions that I am starting to feel overwhelmed.

I want to point out how AMAZING those single moms are that work full time, go to school full time, and raise their children!  I personally don't know how they do it and feel they truly are like super moms.  Just thinking about how much they do blows my mind.

My oldest started Kindergarten and loves doing homework and learning how to read. I know...Enjoy her enthusiasm now because it won't last!  She is like a sponge and will soak up anything she can when it has to do with school.  I wish I had her love for learning.  Right now I am at the point that I hate the sight of my college books and I literally do not enjoy reading anymore...not even a random book in my free time.  I will return to loving reading books I am sure, although it may just be after I finish my degree!  For now I am trying to buckle down and be like my daughter, absorbing any and all information that I can, so that I may further my education for my kids sake as well as my own.

I have been trying to come up with ways of keeping my daughters entertained while I do my homework.  I came up with little work folders for them to do so that they can be learning new things like their mommy.  I included Reading, Spelling, Writing, & Math for my oldest and for my youngest I included Writing, Numbers, & Math along with some coloring and pattern activities.  Luckily all the worksheets I got were free thanks to Teachers Pay!  They have many different school worksheets available from Pre-K & up.  So far my girls are enjoying these although I may need to come up with a few more things to rotate between.

I also am struggling to find time to fit workouts into my day, partly because I have a certain workout I am wanting to follow but there are things piled up on the equipment which I am unable to remove myself due to my back becoming weak again.  (LAME RIGHT?!)  but in all reality I don't have to do those certain exercises so I really need to make time for myself to workout and get it done.  I know for a fact I will feel so much better when I do.

Another prep!  I am always reading on how people set aside prep days.  I always mean well and set aside Sunday as the day to do it but something always comes up that I have to take care of.  Again same as above there is no excuse...who says it HAS to be on Sunday anyway?  Well I just always saw everyone else doing it on this day and decided that Sunday is my prep day, although this may have to change.  Maybe I will do short prep sessions throughout the week as breaks in between my studying and time with my kids.  I am thinking this would be a better option for me for now until my schedule isn't so stressful from both my College classes as well as my eldest daughter's kinder class, and my youngest wild child!

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