Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Changing how you eat, Changes how you feel

I had asked myself this questions many times and would think, "I get all the nutrients I need from the foods I eat".  Seems like it would makes sense right?  Wrong!

I would like to take you back to last September when I was experiences extreme fatigue, felt like I was in a constant fog, every joint in my body was causing extreme pain, and every time my girls would touch my arms it would hurt.  My primary care doctor said it sounded like I had an auto-immune disorder so he ran some tests and sent me straight to a Rheumatologist.  Lucky for me it was not an auto-immune disorder, but the Rheumatologist could not find any other cause and diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.  It was a misdiagnosis according to my Physiastrist, as my symptoms were in specific spots.  He did find out that all the symptoms I was having was due to a severe Vitamin D deficiency.   I started taking MNS 3 and Omegaplex several times a day to get it back up and after a few months all my symptoms completely disappeared.  Because of this experience I learned the importance of taking supplements.

The supplements are not there to replace real food but to fill in the nutritional gaps that we may have.  Our fruits and vegetables are shipped from all over the world which also hinders their nutritional value.  As they sit for long periods of time between when they are harvested and when they arrive in stores.  Another thing to look at when not buying locally is the fact that they harvest fruits and vegetables weeks and sometimes months before they arrive in the grocery stores, and because they are getting picked so soon they are not able to absorb more nutrients to be more beneficial to consumers.

Also in today's society there are many "processed foods" which we eat.  This food is what I grew up on but was not very nutritional at all!  I have looked at the labels on the foods that I used to love eating and I cannot even pronounce most of the ingredients not to mention the fact the names sound like chemicals.  Through the process of eating better I have learned how bad these foods really are.  I now try to eat 80% clean but try to cut down a lot on processed foods.  There are those that have a diet that is made up of mostly processed foods and hardly eat vegetables and fruits which is where their vitamin deficiencies can come from (I know mine did!)  This is why I turn to supplements in order to fill in those nutritional gaps and get the optimum amount of vitamins and minerals.  Now I feel so much better and have so much more energy, no foggy brain, and all the pain is gone!  Is eating better worth it...I can now say YES IT IS!