Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Aftermath of Couch to 5k attempt

My last post I wrote how I decided to try to do Couch to 5k and this is a follow-up to that.  I found out over the days that followed that running/jogging is too jarring for my back.  There were muscle spasms going on throughout my back but surprisingly most of them were in my upper and mid back rather than my lower back (where my herniated discs are).  Needless to say I WON'T be doing that again.  At least now I know that for me right now that is not realistic and I will be looking for something else I can do instead.  I rock the planks with no issues and have no problems with my lower back from doing them thankfully!!

Also I just recently downloaded an app that is called Tribesports which is free....as I don't like paying extra to have an app.  Yes I am cheap haha anyways you can go through the challenges they have on there and choose which challenge you want to take on.  I like it because there are so many to choose from.  I am doing the plank challenge right now where I hold a plank for 1 minute and do this 10 times in two weeks.  I usually hold a plank for 1 minute and then have a 10 second rest before I do the plank again and repeat this three times.  I have already held a 1 minute plank 3 times and I just started this challenge....looks like I will be done with this challenge in 4 days not two weeks :) 

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