Thursday, July 18, 2013

24-day Challenge...are you ready to take it on?

 24-Day Challenge Information

After doing the Advocare 24-day challenge I thought I would do a post on the results I saw in myself after taking the products.  Before I go into that though I am going to share what I felt like before.  I was extremely tired ALL the time, it didn't really matter if I slept the whole night and got 8 hours of sleep, I was still dragging and felt like I was fighting my eyes to stay awake.  My mind was foggy and it was hard for me to concentrate when I was trying to do homework or studying for my college classes.  It seemed like all the information I was taking in was going right back out.  I would get worn out really easily as well.  I have several herniated discs and was told by my doctor that I was to stay away from exercise for the time being.  This was hard hearing as I wanted to get back to exercising to start losing this weight again. This was very frustrating to say the least!

After starting the 24-day challenge I started feeling a little more awake and after a few days I felt like I was at full speed.  It is amazing how focused I felt and was able to go all day doing all kinds of stuff from cleaning the house to walking for longer than 10 minutes.  I didn't need to take any naps during the day either to refresh myself, I just kept going!  I felt amazing and within 4 days I had lost 5 lbs!  I kept on with the challenge and in a little over 2 weeks I had lost 10 lbs...needless to say I am very excited and this was the jumpstart I needed to get started with my weight loss.  I will be sure to keep updating this with my progress.

If you want to take a look at the 24-day challenge just click on the Advocare we build champions and it will take you to the site.  The challenge is under the trim line and I think its absolutely amazing and have continued to take some of the products that it came with such as the Spark and OmegaPlex.  I also bought the Catalyst and Thermoplus to take as well which are optional.  I LOVE these products!!

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