Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Bod Pod

So when I first started this challenge I had to do a bod pod testing.  I had mixed feelings about this as I wasn't sure if I wanted to see the results...if I didn't know then it would be easier to just ignore my situation as I wouldn't know how bad I had gotten.  So I was dreading the bod pod as I was sure I was going to have very little muscle on my body, and the day finally came to go in and get the test done.

I was uneasy because I thought the person doing the test was the same person that was there when I signed up and it was someone I knew from church when I was younger and he was a guy.  I was told to wear skin tight clothing so it would be more accurate...great I have avoided tight clothes for years for a reason!!  Luckily the person in the room for the testing was a woman...*WHEW*...she still insisted that the least amount of clothing (bra and panties) I had on the more accurate the test so I sucked it up and left only my bra and underwear on.  It didn't last too long maybe 10 minutes altogether and then I was done!

While I was still embarrassed I knew it was a step in the right direction for me.  This would tell me with extreme accuracy what my fat mass was and what my lean body mass was while also telling me my weight.  Since this is about my weight loss journey I figured I would share my results...hey why not right?!  I went into the other room where the man was that helped me register for the test and he went over the results with me.

On June 18, 2013 my test results were:

Fat Mass:    46%      88.9 lbs.

Lean Mass:  54%     104.4 lbs.
Body Weight:          193.3 lbs.

Mind you my weight was about where I thought it was but dang I thought my lean mass would be a lot lower!  The nice thing about this test is they can tell you what the lowest you can weigh would be.  I was told I should never try to go under 123 lbs. because that would be considered unhealthy for me.  He said some people are just made to be smaller or even bigger.  It all depends on the person's genetics and how they are built.  I thought this was really interesting and never really thought about that.  Good to know since I always said I wanted to get down to 110 or 115 lbs.  Now that is not even considered realistic to me after finding this out.

I mostly want to strive to obtain a healthy and realistic weight or fit goal.  This was a GREAT start to my journey for sure!!

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