Saturday, April 23, 2016

Why should we track our progress?

Why should I track my weight, measurements, and do progress photos of my weight loss/fitness journey?  Not all of us have the same fitness goals but no matter what our goal I have learned just how important it is to track our progress using different methods.

When I tracked my progress on past diets that I had tried to lose weight I often found myself discouraged and this would make me want to give up because I wasn't seeing any changes or at least the one's I wanted to see.  It seemed that as soon as I finished these that my weight would go right back up as well.  This is where I decided to make a lifestyle change back in 2012.  I started the Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer and started tracking more then just my weight.  I took before pictures which I hated to look at but it drove me to keep pushing myself.  I also took measurements as well as logged my weight.  Although instead of focusing SO MUCH on the scale I started to focus more on measurements and progress photos.

I took my measurements and progress photos every week and it amazed me how I could actually see the changes on my body long before it showed on the scale or the measurements.  I am now a firm believer in taking before and progress photos.  Just focusing on one only gives a small glimpse of your journey whereas taking all three gives you different areas to look at and by taking pictures your actually getting to see the change.  Seeing these changes, I feel, gives me the confidence and the drive to keep going and pushing myself because I can see the progress being made.  I can actually see parts of my body changing and getting smaller with how I am eating.

This is why I am doing it this time, now that my back injury is healed (thanks to my oldest praying and claiming healing in Jesus name!), and pushing myself to become fit and healthy not only for myself but my two amazing little girls!

I encourage you to track your progress in these ways, no matter what boat your in, so that you can see how your improving in different ways.  It really gives you a more clear picture of how your body is changing with your new lifestyle change!

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