Thursday, April 21, 2016

Major Balancing Act

Who knew that balancing three college classes, trying to get fit and healthy, homeschooling one child and keeping the other entertained could be so tiring!!  It was so crazy and tough last quarter that I severely slacked on trying to eat healthy.  After that my workouts became non-existent and eating healthy went out the window.  Now that spring quarter has started I am a lot more excited because I only have 3 classes this quarter and the stress level has dropped dramatically for me...YAY!!

Now with spring quarter going I am three days into the Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer and can't wait to see progress pictures.  I do allow myself a dessert once a week but the food plan has me eating a lot of healthy foods which keep me full.  So much that I have to force myself to eat as much of my snacks as possible, and same with lunch and dinner.  It's a chore to try and eat all the healthy yumminess! But I took some pictures so I could see the changes as I go and have something else to go off of besides the scale and measurements.  With school I started having really REALLY late nights as well, which means I have had to work on getting my body back on a good and normal schedule, although my vacation to California last week seems to have put me back on a normal schedule.

I would like to start waking up at 4:30 or 5:00 in the mornings to try and get my workouts in before the girls are up.  Although I have not been able to get up quite that early yet.  I am determined to slowly work my way to getting up that early and then doing my workouts in the morning instead of at night.

I started the Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer and am 3 days in now.  I cannot wait to get my 24-day Challenge from Advocare tomorrow to start that as well!  Super excited for the changes ahead and this time I took measurements as well as starting pictures to share along with the progress photo's I will be taking.

Here is to starting (yes again I know) my journey to a new me and to actually pushing myself to make time for myself because I am worth it!

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