Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year Advocare 24-Day Challenge!

It's the new year and I have my back doing better again so time to kick it off with a BANG!  This year is the year of change for me.  Between my back, going to school full time, and being a full time mommy of two the last 4 months got away from me.  Talk about depressing when thinking about how you fell off the wagon! BUT I am not going to dwell on that...I am going to start again and try to have better time management and not take way too many things on at once.  I am doing this with a friend so it should be a lot of fun and I am excited to start it with her!  I was going to start earlier but she wanted to do it with me so I am waiting for her to get her challenge in the mail so that we can do it together.

I am going to try and eat food that is not processed, or at least limit it to a very small amount.  I have heard a lot about the Paleo diet and learning more about what you can and cannot eat on it as well.

Again sorry for the temporary hiatus from posts!

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